WordPress 4.0

Just a quick update about our managed WordPress platform: We have been testing WordPress 4.0 and are ready to upgrade all managed sites to WordPress 4.0.

Each site will go offline for approximately 30-45 seconds, and sites that have enabled HTTP caching will have their cache cleared. You will need to re-authenticate to the management console, and your database will be upgraded upon administrator login.

For more details on the changes, see the WordPress 4.0 announcement.

As always, contact us if you have any questions.

WordPress 3.5.2

Just a quick update, WordPress 3.5.2 has been pushed to all active Managed WordPress sites. This is a fairly minor update and we do not expect any problems, however, you will be required to update your database before accessing the admin interface.

WordPress 3.5.1 deployment

WordPress 3.5.1 is being deployed to all existing Managed WordPress sites over the course of the next few hours.

This is a minor upgrade, resolving a handful of security issues and some various other bugs.

As always, Contact Us if you encounter any difficulties.

WordPress 3.5 deployment

We’re in the process of preparing the final testing of the WordPress 3.5 roll-out. All Managed WordPress sites will be automatically upgraded over the next few days.

Contact us if you have any concerns about the upgrade, or difficulties afterward.

Managed WordPress upgrade to 3.1

Managed WordPress users will notice their installation being upgraded to WordPress 3.1 today. This upgrade brings a number of minor changes including a new WordPress “admin bar” that will appear on your site when you’re logged in. Note that users will not see this admin bar, only administrators see the admin bar.

When you sign in to the administrative interface you will be prompted to upgrade your database, this happens automatically once you click the button and you’ll then be able to access the admin screens.

Also note that after the upgrade you’ll need to login again, if you were logged in before the upgrade you’ll be automatically logged out and prompted for your username and password to proceed.

We do not expect users to run into any problems as this upgrade has been thoroughly tested. Please contact us if you have any difficulties.

Managed WordPress upgraded to 3.0.1

For users on our Managed WordPress platform, the upgrade to WordPress 3.0.1 is being installed over the next few hours.

There were also a few minor plug-in updates but nothing of note.

This upgrade requires a small database update, so the first time you login after the upgrade you’ll be prompted to complete the upgrade. Click the Upgrade WordPress Database button and you’ll be logged in and back to normal.