Web server DDoS / Outage

Our primary web server has been the recipient of an intermittent DDoS attack over the last few hours. We are working with our connectivity provider to mitigate the attack, but unfortunately during the brunt of the attack, the web and database servers will be slow to respond, or may not respond at all.

We are working to address this as soon as possible, and appreciate your patience and understanding.

WordPress 4.0

Just a quick update about our managed WordPress platform: We have been testing WordPress 4.0 and are ready to upgrade all managed sites to WordPress 4.0.

Each site will go offline for approximately 30-45 seconds, and sites that have enabled HTTP caching will have their cache cleared. You will need to re-authenticate to the management console, and your database will be upgraded upon administrator login.

For more details on the changes, see the WordPress 4.0 announcement.

As always, contact us if you have any questions.

Web server outage resolved

The primary web server went offline earlier this morning, the problem has now been resolved.

The cause was a corrupted config file, steps will be taken to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

SSL certificate changes, SSL/TLS configuration changes

Just a quick note that we recently renewed our primary SSL certificates and are in the process of deploying the new certificate to all servers and services. This process is routine and painless and should not cause any issues for any users.

We also took the time to re-evaluate our SSL/TLS configuration, and have disabled SSL 2.0 due to the fact that it’s insecure and considered broken. As part of this process, we are implementing newer versions of TLS and adjusting the cipher priorities. In theory, this shouldn’t cause any problems at all, but in practice, if you run an extremely out-of-date browser, you may have difficulties connecting to our SSL servers.

Note that not all servers/services are updated at this time — The configuration will be applied automatically, but the changes may not take effect until each server/service is restarted which will happen over the course of the next week.

Please contact support if you have any concerns.

WordPress 3.5.1 deployment

WordPress 3.5.1 is being deployed to all existing Managed WordPress sites over the course of the next few hours.

This is a minor upgrade, resolving a handful of security issues and some various other bugs.

As always, Contact Us if you encounter any difficulties.

Web server slowness and periodic errors today

We’ve had a number of reports of web server slowness and periodic errors today and are researching to identify the cause.

Please Contact Us if you are having specific issues as we are still collecting information.

Brief outages expected this evening

As part of our ongoing maintenance designed to ensure long-term stability, we are expecting a 15-20 minute outage of each server (web, mail, and other services) this evening.

I apologize for the lack of notice, an issue was discovered which requires a reboot to resolve.

Update: All services have been restored at this time, thanks for your understanding.

Intermittent webserver outage today

Throughout the day today there were a number of issues with the primary web server, including an issue that prevented posting of a status update earlier today.

We currently believe that all affected sites have been restored and are still investigating the underlying cause of the issue, but at this time if there are any remaining issues, I would encourage you to submit a ticket for assistance.

Managed WordPress upgrade to 3.1

Managed WordPress users will notice their installation being upgraded to WordPress 3.1 today. This upgrade brings a number of minor changes including a new WordPress “admin bar” that will appear on your site when you’re logged in. Note that users will not see this admin bar, only administrators see the admin bar.

When you sign in to the administrative interface you will be prompted to upgrade your database, this happens automatically once you click the button and you’ll then be able to access the admin screens.

Also note that after the upgrade you’ll need to login again, if you were logged in before the upgrade you’ll be automatically logged out and prompted for your username and password to proceed.

We do not expect users to run into any problems as this upgrade has been thoroughly tested. Please contact us if you have any difficulties.

Mail Server maintanence

Please be advised that on January 18th, 2011 at 01:00-04:00 PST, we will be conducting network upgrades and maintenance which will impact our web server.

This maintenance will last approximately 5 hours, during which 4 brief periods of latency and packet loss will occur, as well as up to 5 minutes of network downtime as the switches involved are transitioned to the alternate distribution routers.