SSL certificate changes, SSL/TLS configuration changes

Just a quick note that we recently renewed our primary SSL certificates and are in the process of deploying the new certificate to all servers and services. This process is routine and painless and should not cause any issues for any users.

We also took the time to re-evaluate our SSL/TLS configuration, and have disabled SSL 2.0 due to the fact that it’s insecure and considered broken. As part of this process, we are implementing newer versions of TLS and adjusting the cipher priorities. In theory, this shouldn’t cause any problems at all, but in practice, if you run an extremely out-of-date browser, you may have difficulties connecting to our SSL servers.

Note that not all servers/services are updated at this time — The configuration will be applied automatically, but the changes may not take effect until each server/service is restarted which will happen over the course of the next week.

Please contact support if you have any concerns.