Windows Mobile 5 – Contacts and Calendars

These instructions assume you’re setting up Contact and Calendar synchronization for a user called, please adjust the instructions to match your own email address.

  1. Start ActiveSync on your device
  2. Touch set up your device to sync
  3. Enter
  4. Check The server requires an encrypted (SSL) connection
  5. Touch Next
  6. Fill in the following fields
    1. User name: The “mailbox” portion of your email address (dave)
    2. Password: Your password
    3. Domain: The “domain” portion of your email address (
    4. Leave Save password selected to allow automatic synchronizations in the future.
  7. Touch Next
  8. Uncheck E-Mail and Tasks.
  9. Optionally select Calendar and touch Settings to control the date range of items loaded to the mobile device.
  10. Touch Finish
  11. The initial synchronization will start immediately, wait for it to finish.
  12. Touch the X to close ActiveSync, synchronizations will happen automatically in the background.