Contacts, Calendar and Tasks

It is now possible to synchronize your Contacts, Calendar and Tasks between your BlackBerry device and your Webmail account.

We support Funambol open source SyncML clients for Contacts, Calendar and Tasks synchronization on the BlackBerry platform. These clients are available at no cost, and are greatly improved from earlier versions. In particular, the BlackBerry client shows promise over other options available to BlackBerry devices.

Funambol is now available from BlackBerry App World, visit the following URL from your device to install Funambol:

Once the Funambol client is installed, it needs to be configured, the process is several steps but it’s fairly straightforward and only needs to be done once.

  1. Start the Funambol client
  2. Press the Menu button
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Set the Server Location to
  5. Fill in your email address in the Username field
  6. Fill in your email password in the Password field
  7. Under Sync Contacts set the Remote Name to Contacts
  8. Under Sync Calendar set the Remote Name to Calendar
    Want to limit the amount of data that goes to your Blackberry? Change the Calendar’s Remote Name to Calendar?/dr(-30,90) to only synchronize events appearing between 30 days ago and 90 days in the future
  9. Under Sync Tasks set the Remote Name to Tasks
  10. Optionally enable the Enable Scheduled Sync and choose a sync frequency. Be aware that each synchronization takes a small amount of battery power, so choose a setting that balances your data being slightly out of date vs using your device’s battery too quickly.
  11. Press the Menu button and select Save
  12. Press the Menu button again and select Sync All

Be aware that the initial synchronization may take some time as it uploads the entire contents of your device’s Calendar, Contacts and Tasks folders to the server, and downloads the same information from the server.