Email, Contacts, Calendar and Tasks

The steps below apply to all devices running iOS5, including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices.

These instructions assume you’re setting up Email, Contact, Calendar and Tasks synchronization for a user called, please adjust the instructions to match your own email address.

  1. Click on Settings
  2. Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  3. Choose Add Account
  4. Touch Microsoft Exchange
  5. Fill in the following fields in the Account Setup dialog
    1. Email: Your full email address (
    2. Password: Your password.
    3. Description: Change this if desired
    4. Touch Save
    5. Touch Continue on the security warning, if it appears
  6. Set the various service sliders to your preference.
  7. Touch Save

At this point you will be able to see the newly created contact and calendar folders in the appropriate applications, it may take 5 minutes for your device to start synchronizing Contact items and Calendar items, although in most cases some items should start to appear almost immediately.

If you don’t receive any errors during setup but don’t see any items being downloaded, go to Apple’s knowledgebase and follow the directions in article TS3398.