SSL 3.0 and older disabled

Effective immediately, all servers will no longer accept SSL 3.0. We have also shuffled our cyphers to prioritize cyphers that include Perfect Forward Secrecy

In general, this means that for HTTPS sites, clients running XP and Internet Explorer 6 will no longer be able to connect. Upgrading to a newer browser on XP, or upgrading to a supported, non-legacy operating system, will allow users to continue accessing HTTPS websites.

HTTP connections will not see any changes, and XP+IE6 users will still be able to access websites.

This change applies not only to web, but also email and other services which use encryption. If you still use XP and have only IE6 installed, you may experience difficulties checking email, if this is the case, please upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer as this will update your schannel encryption libraries and will allow your non-web browser services to connect.

As always, please contact support if you have any questions.