Phone system outage

It appears that our phone system is offline, I have opened a ticket with the datacenter provider to determine what is happening.

This impacts both our own phone system as well as any hosted phone services.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will update as needed. Please open a support ticket if you need assistance in the mean time.

UPDATE 8:02: All services have been restored.


Blank emails

A number of customers received emails from our billing system due to a bug in WHMCS. We have resolved this issue and re-sent the appropriate emails.

Note that this would only cause issues with email originating from, no other email was corrupted.


Mail server not responding

At approximately 15:55 PDT (-0700) today the mail server went offline. I have a ticket open with the datacenter regarding the issue, they have a networking issue and are working to resolve the problem.

If you need immediate support, please open a support ticket or use the information on our contact us page.

Please accept our apologies and know that we’re working on addressing this issue as quickly as possible.


ActiveSync Server Offline – RESOLVED

Due to a licensing issue, our ActiveSync server is currently offline and is expected to remain offline until Monday morning. IMAP, POP3 and webmail services still function, however, mobile devices will be unable to send or receive email until this is resolved.

I am working on finding a temporary workaround to get this resolved faster.

UPDATE: I was able to find a temporary workaround, all systems are now running normally.


Mail server not responding

Our monitoring script reports that the mail server is not responding, we are investigating but it appears to be an issue with the datacenter.

Inbound/Outbound email delayed

For the last 1.5-2 hours, inbound and outbound email has been queued and held as part of the SMTP delivery service was offline. The problem has now been resolved and mail will be delivered shortly.

Email sent/received between users on our system were not affected.

Mail server slow to respond

We’ve had a few reports of intermittent mail server slowness in the last couple of hours. We believe that this is network related with our primary carrier and are working on confirming the problem. The server itself appears to be responsive and functioning normally.

Please feel free to open a ticket if you have specific concerns.

Sorry, <...> is not allowed access from your location — RESOLVED

If you have been receiving “<-- 550 Sorry, is not allowed access from your location” errors for the last handful of hours, please accept my apologies. The underlying issue has been resolved and we’re taking steps to avoid allowing this situation to occur again.

Mail Server Outage – Resolved

At some point over the evening last night, the mail server started returning “421 Too Busy” or similar errors to most/all requests. This issue has now been resolved, please accept our apologies.

We do have any automated tool that detects and correct this particular situation, but this time the process refused to terminate upon request, and it took human involvement to resolve, explaining the several-hour length of this outage.

Since most SMTP servers retry for 24-72 hours (and since our server was returning a correct “retry later” error), we do not expect any mail to be lost, and based on the current traffic graphs, mail is currently flowing at a very high rate as the mail flow catches up.

DNS Server maintenance: Slow lookups expected

We were just notified that our provider will be performing maintenance from 19:00-23:00 PDT (pacific) today. There should not be any outages, but you may notice slower than usual DNS resolutions for customer sites. will not be affected, nor will email access.

As always, please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.